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Attractive liquid for trapping fruit flies Bottle 1L
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Attractive liquid for trapping fruit flies Bottle 1L

Reference - AT-FLY-01003

Special red liquid of Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila Suzuki

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Powerful attracting liquid to capture Asian flies of red fruits.

It must be put in a trap made with a bottle or in the box trapping special red fruits. The concentrated liquid will be poured in a dose of 250 ml.
This solution is ideal for attracting Suzukii flies that make ripe strawberries or cherries from within.
It is a natural alternative method to replace chemicals. Easy to use because it is ready to use.
This is the only fast and effective solution that can reduce the number of this type of pest. In addition, he comes from the professional ecological treatment sector. It is for this reason that it is the best trapping liquid on the market.
It is suitable for strawberries, cherries and raspberries.


Dosage :
- Pour 250 ml of attractant into the red-headed trap for a persistence of 3 weeks
- Deposit traps filled every 2 to 5 meters depending on the infestation rate

For greater efficiency, it is advisable to set the trap as early as possible in the season before the berries begin to ripen. Once the damage is observed, it is already too late to make this solution 100% effective.


Do not confuse the Asian fly with the biting fly of the cherry. The damage of the Suzukii fly is made in the thickness of the fruit with often moving larvae. On the other hand, the biting fly creates a cavity around the nucleus and the larva is not very mobile.
For biting flies diammonium phosphate is ideally suited.

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