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Water pressure reducer 1/4 inch 2.8 Bars

Reference - PR-RD-40-14

Fixed pressure reducer special osmosis

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Fixed Pressure Reducer with 1/4 inch tube for Reverse Osmosis.


Optimize your reverse osmosis system with the 2.8 bar Fixed Pressure Reducer, specially designed to maintain ideal and stable pressure in your water network. If you are looking to protect your reverse osmosis unit or also your beverage purifier from pressure variations, water hammer and excessive pressure, our pressure reducer is the perfect solution for you.


Advantages of the water pressure reducer for reverse osmosis:

  • Pressure Stabilized at 2.8 bars: Whatever the inlet pressure in your water network, our fixed pressure reducer maintains the outlet pressure constantly at 2.8 bars. It is particularly useful for situations where the pressure may be too high or unstable.
  • Filtration System Protection: The pressure reducing valve is carefully designed to safeguard your filtration system. By limiting pressure and reducing water hammer, it prolongs the life of your reverse osmosis system and guarantees optimal operation.
  • Simple and Compact Design: Our pressure reducer is distinguished by its sleek and compact design. It easily integrates into your existing system without the need for external drives or bulky components.
  • Fluidic Operation: Thanks to its innovative mechanism, the pressure reducer valve is activated by the action of the fluid itself. This guarantees automatic adjustment of the outlet pressure, ensuring worry-free performance.
  • Easy Installation: Installing our pressure reducer is a breeze. It connects directly to the water circuit in 1/4 inch before your reverse osmosis or purifier thanks to its quick fasteners. A 1/4 junction elbow fitting can also be added if needed.
  • Wide Compatibility: The pressure reducer is suitable for a variety of reverse osmosis applications, including those with a pump, where an inlet pressure of less than 2.8 bar is required. It is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your system.

Please note that the pressure reducer has not been tested with pressures above 8 bar. We recommend reducing the pressure before connecting the reducer in these cases.
Improve your reverse osmosis experience now by guaranteeing optimal and stable pressure with our Fixed Pressure Reducer. Order yours today and enjoy purified water with peace of mind.



Fitting connexion1/4 inch
Pressure max2.75 Bar


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