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Professional insecticides

Professional insecticides are intended for the elimination of flying and crawling insects in a dwelling or room that welcomes the public.

They are, in general, used by persons warned about precautions to adapt the dose to the surface to be treated.
Treatment targets all types of flying and crawling insects: mosquitoes, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, flies, lice, wasps, hornet. Some have better action on a type of insect.

They act on the nerve impulses of insects by impact, by contact, which makes it the safe and indispensable weapon.

We offer packaging in 5 liter containers, in order to meet a demand for artisans and 3D professionals.
This range of insecticides is not subjected to the offer of free delivery, from 65 € purchase, in order to offer a low price from the first can.
We recall that it is necessary to use appropriate personal protective equipment when handling insecticides.


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