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Exterior insecticide INSECTICHOC 5L
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Exterior insecticide INSECTICHOC 5L

Reference - INSEC-CHOC5

Insecticide knockdown special surface

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INSECTICIDE INSECTI'CHOC 5 LITERS : Insecticide Lightning Special Wasps and Hornets


A lightning-effect insecticide for shock treatment on insect-infested surfaces.

It has a remanence of only a few with an immediate lightning effect.
This insecticide can be diluted with water, in case insects do not risk stinging, like wasps.
This shock treatment is also the solution to prepare the surface before treating with a long-lasting insecticide.

Insecti'Choc is not sprayed in air or on animals. It keeps itself frost-free for several months. It can only be used in the garden area, grass, plants, land.


Manual :
- Use the pure insecticide directly on the wasp nests, under the tiles or between the stones of a wall.
- In case of dilution: Dilute one liter of INSECTICHOC in 2 liters of water at the maximum.
- Use a manual or pressure sprayer.
- Direct spray where flying and crawling insects cluster.
- Equip yourself with an eye protection, gloves and a mask if necessary.


Safety Precaution :
- P210 Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.
- Keep away from children and food.
- P271 Use only outdoors or in areas with high ventilation.
- H412 Harmful to aquatic organisms.
- P290 Wear gloves and protective clothing.
- If swallowed, immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician.


Biocidal product reserved for a warned use of precautions for use and personal protection.
"Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the label and product information".



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