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Insecticidal effect shock InsectiChoc 1 L
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Insecticidal effect shock InsectiChoc 1 L

Reference - INSCHOC-100

Insecticide shock treatment against all insects

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INSECTICHOC 1 L : Treatment of shock for all insects

Slow Burn : 1 weeks.
Continues with a special varnish that protects its fixed and active ingredients.

Properties and performance
- Treatment of external surfaces of local homes, hotels, factories, housing.
- Quick Action on crawling insects (iules, ants, cockroaches) and flying (flies, mosquitoes, wasps).
- It acts by contact in energy.
- Allows you to destroy the nests in a few seconds.
- It can remove even the insects resistant to other insecticides, in the case of addiction.
- Effect of logging, affects the nervous system of the insect and causing paralysis.
- Effect kill, insecticide continues after penetration into the body of the insect and causing his death.
- Very good resistance of the product on the porous and non porous.
- The active surface form a micro crystals insoluble in water.
Ideal to treat the pool deck to prevent wasps from coming to the board and on the stairs.

Effective against : flies, mosquitoes, gnats, beetles, iules, scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, roaches, cockroaches, darkling beetles, bedbugs, ticks, mites, silverfish, ants, snakes, flat flies, hornets, mites ...
Instructions :
- Use always diluted in water.
- The application can be brush, brush, spray, using a fogger or by incorporation into a wash.
- Can be used pure on small surfaces.
- Crawling Insects: Dilute 1 L in 4 L water to treat 100 sqm.
- Flying Insects: Dilute 0.5 L in 4 L water to treat 100 sqm.
- Destruction of mosquitoes outdoors: Dilute 8 L in 1 tonne of water. To treat 1 hectare.
- For a treatment on the lawn or grass, or earth, we must dilute the product in 10 cl 1 Liter of water.
In badigeon:
- Dilute 2 L to 100 L of wash, depending on the porosity of the medium. 
Harmful if swallowed.
Harmless to children, humans and pets.
- In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep away from food and beverages, including animals.
- Keep only in original container.
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