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Natural Diatom Land - Bag 20 Kg

Reference - PRO-I803V

natural insecticide in bulk at natural action on insects, larvae, eggs

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20 kg bag for professional use Diatomaceous earth for chicken breeders, horses or dogs.

This conditioning allows to lower the price per kilo of this effective natural insecticide against red mites and other crawling insects.
It has many advantages as an insecticide, but also to fight against parasites.
Its main action is to absorb 2.5 times its weight in water, thus dehydrating insects, such as fleas on a dog, horse flies on the horse or red mites on hens.
Diatomaceous earth will cut the protective covering of the insect to kill him by dehydration. This process is effective without mechanical chemical, as the concentrated permethrin.
This powder can be used in organic agriculture by spreading it on the floor of a poultry farm against red mites, or directly on the animal, with the blower bottle to cover the distance. When the cat, the dog lies down or rubbing, the powder penetrate deeply into the hair to touch ticks or fleas.
The shelf in a dry location.


Diatomaceous earth is effective against :

ants, mites, bugs, red mites, lice, carpet anthers, weevils, floor fleas, flies, moths cupboards ...
It is possible to combat intestinal parasites, worms and larvae with diatomaceous earth.
It is also very convenient in the dog's ears as suppressor.


Dosage and method of use :
Apply Diatomaceous earth 20-30 g/m² in areas frequented by crawling insects: window edges, low doors, closets back under the sink, behind the refrigerator, in the niche of the dog in the cage the bird and other places where insects can pass.
It will regularly renew the operation depending on the humidity.
In a chicken coop, must be applied 30 to 40 g/m² after the first treatment, then repeat the operation within 8 days.
The third treatment will do in the next 15 days.
For inside the house, one can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on carpets, on the carpet or fabric sofa especially if you have a pet that comes to bed.


Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide 88 g/100 g)
net weight of diatomaceous earth: 20 Kg
Does not contain chemical.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid breathing dust during use.
Use biocides safely.
Product compatible with organic farming in accordance with Regulation EC 834/2007.



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