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Aerosol bed bugs 600 ml - Shock effect
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Aerosol bed bugs 600 ml - Shock effect

Reference - IN-PYR-97002

Ecological insecticide fast acting special bugs

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Radical insecticide treatment against bed bugs based on plant pyrethrum and natural diatomaceous earth.

Active ingredients will work effectively inside your home with a double action. By spraying the insecticide you will eliminate the bugs quickly and at the same time the diatomaceous earth will leave a thin mineral layer on your surfaces, in order to prolong the effectiveness of the pyrethrum in time. This creates a natural barrier preventing insects from developing.
This insecticide is also effective on larvae and eggs.

Dislocates and radically destroys bed bugs in every corner of the house.


Product advantages :
- Lightning and preventative
- Do not stain
- Scentless


How to use and dosage :
Shake the aerosol vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds.
Spray a thin layer of insecticide in places where bed bugs have taken refuge: on the mattresses, insist on the seams of the mattress, the feet of the bed and dressers, baseboards ...
Renew the operation after 8 weeks.
The anti-tipping aerosol is supplied with a precision cannula to find insects in gaps and splits of wood. It is advisable to treat out of reach of children and pets.
Let the product settle for at least 2 hours.
After each application purge (upside down) the nozzle of the aerosol for 2 seconds.


Precaution of use :
- Keep out of reach of children
- Read the label before use
- Keep away from heat, hot surfaces and sparks
- Do not smoke during treatment
- Do not perforate or burn the aerosol even after use
- Avoid breathing aerosol
- Wash your hands after handling
- Wear gloves and glasses during treatment


Composition :
- Pyrethrins: 3 g / kg (CAS No. 8003-34-7)
- Diatomaceous earth (amorphous silicon dioxide): 70 g / kg (CAS No. 61790-53-2)
Does not contain PBO

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