» How to use the sanitizer osmosis ?
How to use the sanitizer osmosis ?

The cleaner is intended for all brands of reverse osmosis. It is packaged in a plastic bottle that is poured into the bowl of osmosis.
Before using the Clean RO must necessarily remove all the cartridges found in the filter holder 10 inches, to see a perfect circulation.
Simply pour the entire bottle into the first filter holder, then open the water supply in order to browse the product through other filter holder and membrane holder. The entire reverse osmosis be disinfected, and the tubing.
Clean the RO will then go into the tank which in turn will be completely disinfected.
Leave for a few minutes, then let the water flow again to rinse.
Clean RO works with both membranes TFC membranes with AC cellulose acetate.
The fact of the membrane completely sésinfecter every year, will extend its life.