» How to illuminate your garden with the LED ?
How to illuminate your garden with the LED ?

For garden lighting, there are many solutions with the LED to provide the type of light according to its choice ue atmosphere you want to give. For trees and shrubs, white light is recommended, since it enhances the colors blue and green, or with a powerful projector with wide angle or with a projector with narrow angle for trees with foliage over 6 meters .

In the case of construction of a terrace with driveway, it is necessary to mix different types of Led lights with natural light and RGB if necessary. We recommend to prepare a wiring diagram, a Paier graph to determine the distance between the power supply, the number of processors 12 or 24 depending on the power of each and choosing sectorize lighting zones.

Now, the majority of drives are compatible with LED, which allows you to adjust the light to their needs.