» How to choose LED recessed bulbs at home ?
How to choose LED recessed bulbs at home ?

Since halogen bulbs can be replaced with bulbs of the same wattage LED light, we are faced with having to choose from a fairly wide variety of LED with beam angles from 30 ° to 120 °. It depends, in general, the type of LED used and as the technology developed by the manufacturer.
In France, we have to choose between, with 3 LED bulbs in lens and bulbs with SMD. The choice will, depending on the height of the light and the number of bulbs to install.
In addition, you must also choose the color of light that you want in the room, instead of a color natural white and warm color with yellowish effect close to the halogen.
At the individual, it is advisable to use light to warm a living room, dining room, and keep the white light for the kitchen and office.
Consumption does not exceed 5W, with the possibility of varying intensity, from a dimmer 12V for MR16 and GU10 220V for.
The hard life of these bulbs is much longer, since supports vibration and voltage variations.