» How to choose LED light bulbs for home ?
How to choose LED light bulbs for home ?

From 1 January 2013, filament bulbs are no longer sold in shops, as they are energy intensive. The incandescent lamp was invented in 1835 by James Bowman Lindsay has now been removed to be replaced by LED.
Thanks to an important development since the 90s, Led Bulb is bright enough to produce power equivalent to our old bulbs.
We can provide power 25 to 150 watts with the same bases for consumption divided by 10. In addition, they are insensitive to vibrations and do not break when falling to the ground.
With LED, maximum light is instantaneous. They can be switched on and off repeatedly without any degradation of the light of their life or the integrated driver.
In a house, it is advisable to change the bulbs that consume the most first, then those used lamp atmosphere in some parts, as they are often lit.
That's why we offer packages of bulbs depending on the type of accommodation you occupy. For a studio, simply a 60W bulb in warm light for the main light and a 60W bulb white light for the kitchen area.
It is necessary to choose the light color based on room light. Now, we have a wide choice of 4 colors of light are determined in degrees Kelvin (K) from 2800 to 6000 ° K.
For parts friendly as the living room or the lobby, it is better to take a warm light, because more relaxing for the eyes.
For ages, it is more difficult to find, for the moment, a power greater than 30W, because the space available for the LED is smaller than conventional bulbs.
Thanks to the wide range on our website, give free rein to your desires ...