» How to choose and install LED strips ?
How to choose and install LED strips ?

Today, there are many bands Led sale with very different qualities of light depending on whether the LED 3528 or 5050. More professional lighting and outdoor lighting demand that the band is as light as possible, since now they are all dimmable (compatible thru a dimmer). For white LED strips, they must pay attention to the temperature of the light, because there are four models depending on the type of installation you want to do.

- 6000 ° K (cold light) outside the house edge pool
- 5000 ° K: kitchen staff, office lighting, interior closet or wardrobe
- 4000 ° K (daylight - daylight) contour bar, indirect lighting, interior
- 3500 ° K (warm light) interior lighting motorhome, indirect light in a room or room with stone walls

The roll of 5 meters LED strip is often bundled with connections to the extremity to connect directly to 12V transformer or directly to the battery for a camper.

In contrast, for RGB strips, there are 4 son to connect to a controller LED that will create its own animation.