» How to change water filter cartridges ?
How to change water filter cartridges ?

There are two types of filtration for water or the filter head is vertical to the filter. To change the cartridge of the filter holder, it is usually very simple to do, because you just unscrew the head with the wrench and rotated a quarter turn. If the seal is not stuck, it takes a minutes.Vous always find a sediment cartridge first and, if any two is a charcoal cartridge for chlorine and bad taste in the second. To filter holders installed in the water supply generally, it must remember to purge it from the head to get air inside the jar. Remember to shut off the water before. However, to change the cartridges in lines, it will loosen the joints on each side or remove the tubing 1/4 inch is pressed directly. We found at different cartridges as needed.