» How can I remove chlorine from my water?
How can I remove chlorine from my water?

When conventional carbon filtration, carbon particles absorb chlorine leaving no negative effects on your water supply. Adsorption occurs when your water comes into contact with the carbon block filter. Coal effectively removes more than 95% chlorine, bad taste, odor and organic compounds to provide clean, filtered water at each water point in your home.
There are two main types of systems which remove chlorine. The first type of system is a carbon filtration station. This system is placed on the main water line.
The second type of system is a purification of drinking water. It uses 2-3 different filters to adsorb chlorine. It is installed directly under the kitchen sink. It provided a custom water feature of substances (chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals).
These systems are affordable standard capacity but require little maintenance because the replacement filters should be changed every year.