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Insecticide anti-flies Stables granules - Box 1 Kg

Reference - PRO-I542

Pellet bait for flies in stables and horse stables

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Attractive pellet for stable flies quick impact horses granules to eliminate the maximum of insects.

The new formula of these granules is guaranteed more effective than competitors because its active ingredient attacks the nervous system of the insect faster.
Just put in a pot a dose of 80 to 100 g of yellow granules and arrange them in the area of ​​about 10 m2. For a barn or stable, it will put in every 8 meters to cover a large volume.
The granules can be used in many business premises and storage.


This insecticide is odorless and easy to use because it acts by ingestion and contact on the nervous system, the flies stop feeding and die quickly.
It has excellent attractiveness thanks to the combination of two food attractant and a sexual pheromone.
This product can be used in prevention, treatment duration ranges from 1 to 6 weeks, if necessary repeat the operation.

The new anti-Sheila flies granules have a very low impact on the environment with eradication of flies in under 1 minute.


Manual :
The pellets fly swatter should be applied on surfaces where flies go or eat. The yellow bait is applied by spraying.
Use this insecticide in and around the places where flies are a nuisance (window sills, manure storage areas, near water points ....).
It is applied by spraying or in a small cup.
The product can be applied in the presence of pets and animals in transport equipment (sheep, rabbits, horses).
Remove Anti-fly granules on the window sills in the manure storage areas, near water points at the entrance of boxes to horses ...


Dosage :
Apply SHEILA pellet shock effect at a dose of 20 grams Surface 8m to protect.
Place the cups out of reach of children and pets
To increase the attractiveness, lightly spray water on the yellow granules.
Do not pile.


- Azamethiphos 1%


Homologation :
5099110: Pest housing pets.
50991210: Transport equipment pets.
MEDDTL 30222


Precautions :
Keep container tightly closed and protected from moisture.
Do not use this product in the presence of bees.
H400: Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
Do not empty into drains.
Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.

Toxicology: Uncategorized
Use biocode carefully and follow the instructions on the package.



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