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Triple filter housing 9 Inch 3/4 Overseas Special I/O 3/4
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Triple filter housing 9 Inch 3/4 Overseas Special I/O 3/4

Reference - PM-OUTM934

Triple filtration of drinking water for the West Indies and Indian Ocean

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Triplex filters 9 3/4 inch designed to treat city water or drilling overseas in your home.

The 3 filters can accommodate all cartridges 250 mm in length to consume better water in your kitchen, washing machine and even in your bathroom if you install in addition an ultraviolet station. It is advisable to choose its cartridges according to the quality of water of origin.
For city water, you can install a 5 micron impurity cartridge, otherwise it will require a larger filtration at 20 microns. This filter station is suitable for a dwelling with a bathroom and a kitchen.

She settles on the general water network in 20/27 of the house just after the meter. It is supplied with its wall bracket and mounting key needed to change the filter cartridges.
The first clear tank receives the dirt cartridge to extend the life of subsequent cartridges. It will retain sand, pollen, algae and other suspended matter.
The central cartridge with an opaque tank is rather intended for background treatment where we will put a container filled with media that can absorb the chemicals in the water: heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine, lead, mercury ...
The last filtration concerns pesticides and herbicides with lateral passage of water through an activated carbon block model chosen according to their performance.

For hard water, it is possible to put a polyphosphate cartridge, to protect the pipes from the formation of scale.
This filtration system is versatile and suitable for all types of domestic water filtration.

Caution: It is advisable to have plumbing knowledge to perform a correct installation.


Filtration equipment provided :
- Triple filters 9 3/4 inch empty with 3/4 I / O (including a white tub)
- Plastic supports with screws for the head
- Assembly key


Dimensions of the filtration station :
Width: 440 mm
Height: 340 mm
Depth: 130 mm

Max pressure: 7 Bar
Compatible Cartridges: 9-3 / 4 Inches

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