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Filtration station Triplex 9-3/4 Inch - against Pesticides
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Filtration station Triplex 9-3/4 Inch - against Pesticides

Reference - TR-SF-PEST934

Filtration of city water against pesticides

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Station filter with 3 filter housing 9 3/4 inches transparent to filter especially pesticides in well water before consuming it in the house.

More and more boreholes located in the vineyards poses problems of collecting water for household use.
Notably, desethyl-terbumeton or desethyl-
terbuthylazine  in drinking water should be reduced to the nearest minimum possible 100 ng/L.

In this filter station with 2 carbon block filters, you can reduce by 50% the pesticide levels.

It ranks with the arrival of general household water supply for washing machines, toilets or watering the garden. In the bathroom, it is strongly recommended to install a UV sterilizer 12 GPM that will destroy 100% of germs and bacteria in the water from the shower.


The carbon block reduces more pesticides, odor, herbicides and bad taste or other pollutants.

In the first filter housing is the mud filter impurities and more than 25 microns, to ensure optimum effectiveness of the activated carbon. This will not too quickly saturate the 2 anti-pesticide cartridges.


Product benefits :
- The head of the ring and filter holders are approved polypropylene ACS.
- The input and output are 3/4 inch brass.
- The tank is transparent Certified styrene acrylonitrile ACS.


Cartridges included for the treatment of pesticides :
- 1 cartridge wound anti-impurities 25 microns
- 1 cartridge activated carbon 10 microns

- 1 cartridge activated carbon 5 microns


Dimensions of cartridges :
Length: 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm


We recall that the micronage coal is indicative for the filtration of sediment and not for pesticides.

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