» » » » » Triple transparent filters with gauges 9 3/4 Inch + Support
Triple transparent filters with gauges 9 3/4 Inch + Support
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Triple transparent filters with gauges 9 3/4 Inch + Support

Reference - PM-TF934MANO

Triple filtration of water with pressure control

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Water treatment station with control gauges house.

This triple filtration can receive various cartridges 9 3/4 inches to retain material or selected harmful substances.

The tanks are all transparent in order to show the saturation of each cartridge. And with pressure gauges at the entrance and exit of this station, you can use the differential pressure to know when to change filters. This works great for sediment filtration, because when the pores of the cartridge mouth, the output pressure decreases.
For other cartridges, such as coal or anti-nitrate resins will require a test regularly to know the level of chlorine, nitrates, nitrites.

To install, simply plug the triplex on your pipeline usual 20/27. You can add a bypass him not to cut the overall water when replacing cartridges.
It comes with its triple its mounting bracket and key necessary to change filter cartridges.
It allows a filter adapted to its needs, based on the quality of water filtered. To fix it, it will drill two holes in the wall at the right height to change the filters regularly as they arrive at saturation impurities.
In general, it is recommended to start with a coarse filtration with sediment cartridge 5 micron or 25 micron, then add filters with activated carbon.

This filter system can be used before a softener or a water dynamisor vortex by installing the anti-heavy metal filtration kit or anti-tartar.
For hard water, it is possible to place a cartridge with polyphosphates to protect the pipe forming the filtration sytem tartre.Ce is versatile and is suitable for all types of domestic water filtration.


Dimensions of the filtering station :
Width : 500 mm
Height : 280 mm
Depth : 140 mm
Max pressure : 7 bar
Compatible cartridges : 9-3/4 Inches



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