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Filtration polyphosphates

Specific treatment with polyphosphates of drinking water is a solution to protect the pipes and appliances in the house.

We offer different systems to be installed on the general arrival or before a hot water tank, boiler, water heater. This method has many advantages as it is a water network or well drilling.

The crystals have an anti-corrosion and anti-tartar with a temperature of 45°C.

They do not change the nature of water to drink, but can bring bacterial risk if one is absent for several days. It will be necessary to install a filtration system under the sink with UV to be sure of its good quality drink.
Polyphosphates may be used in a cartridge 9 3/4 inches, proportional dosing filter, 20 inches or directly in the jar. Our empty cartridges are compatible with APIC models, Pilot Centre Eau Douce, and Merkur Adéo.


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