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Big Duo Filtration Station Carbon + UV 6GPM Raw water
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Big Duo Filtration Station Carbon + UV 6GPM Raw water

Reference - PR-TW-UV6CA

Special filtration for drinking water for family of 4

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Big 10 inch duplex station with ultraviolet to treat chlorinated drinking water and bacteria.

It can provide a flow rate of up to 4 m3 / h to supply your entire home. Both cartridges remove impurities greater than 5 microns and reduce the level of chlorine and pesticides in city water. These cartridges must be replaced every 30 m3 to avoid the release of the materials and chemical substances captured by activated carbon.
The oil bath pressure gauges fixed on the station will allow to control the differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet, in order to change the cartridges at the moment when we have 1 bar of difference.
The stainless steel Ultraviolet system placed at the end of filtration processes aerobic bacteria, Escherichia coli and fungi in order to make the water 100% healthy. The UV lamp of 6 GPM is sufficient for private or professional use. The lamp is replaced every year or every 9000 hours. The ballast with built-in hour meter allows to visualize the time of use.
Its epoxy steel support is designed to be placed on a perfectly flat floor or to be fixed to the wall.


What is surface water?
It is a natural surface water that has not undergone any physical or chemical treatment. It is of good quality for use such as irrigation or watering gardens. But it is not considered safe for human consumption. It must be treated with filters and a UV sterilizer.


Benefits of the water station :
- Rigid connection for optimum efficiency
- Quick installation using 2 3/4 inch fittings
- Suitable for a family of 4
- Easy cartridge replacement with the supplied key
- Small footprint


Dimensions :
Width: 54 cm
Height with the lamp: 63 cm
Height without the lamp: 55 cm
Depth: 24 cm


NSF approved - UL
Meets CE & Rhos standards

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