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Cartridge Pack Rain - Drilling Water 9 Inches 3/4

Reference - PR-BCN-P934

Set of 3 cartridges to treat rainwater for toilets

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Set of 3 10-inch cartridges to filter rainwater with standard filter holders.

Each cartridge has a specific function to retain the elements present in the water.
They are compatible with all 10-inch filter holder installed on a cold water supply 3/4 ".

Function cartridges :

Sediment cartridge 60 micron nylon washable :
She plays the role of prefiltering the arrival of water to retain wholes above 60 microns materials like sand, seaweed, wood debris, rust.
Being washable, it is reusable many times in tap water.

25 micron wound cartridge :
It filters the finer elements still present in the water, in order to minimize the effect of saturation in the given filter.
It should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year for not lowering too much water pressure.
It also collects dust and other airborne substances.

Activated carbon cartridge 10 microns :
This cartridge holds especially bad taste, since rainwater does not contain chlorine.
It is essential in order to have a pure and clear water before drinking.
It must be changed every year maximum, although the 9000 liters are not consumed during the year.

Dimensions :
Length : 10 inches = 254 mm
Diameter : 63 mm average

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