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Filters 9-3/4 - 20 Inches

Filter housing all sizes to protect domestic sanitary water circuits and professionals for the filtration of solid particles.

They make possible the treatment of water to improve the taste, odor, decreases chlorine or turbidity.

These filters 20 inches and 9 3/4 inches can receive filter cartridges as needed in the industry.

This filtration is connected downstream of different systems, as the softener, the RO, the pump or treatment by ultra-violet lamp. We selected the input of the filter according to the desired drinking water flow. We offer inputs brass or PHP 3/4 inch to 2 inches.
To filter bowl, the opaque model can withstand more pressure, because its composition is different from that transparent.
To install filtration plants, multiple filters have the advantage of moving from a big screen to the finest.

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