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WOW Reverse Osmosis Filter Impurity + Coal
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WOW Reverse Osmosis Filter Impurity + Coal

Reference - WOW-404-PP

Impurities and chlorine pre-filters for your reverse osmosis WOW

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Replacement cartridges for your home watermaker WOW to treat city water.

These WOW cartridges are only usable with the 50 GPD U.S.A reverse osmosis unit. They are essential for the treatment of drinking water containing chlorine, because they allow to remove a good part of the suspended matter and also the chlorine, also avoiding the premature saturation of the membrane 50 WOW.
To change them, simply close the inlet water of your compact osmosis unit, then unscrew each cartridge, like a light bulb. This is very fast, without flooding your closet or getting your hands dirty.


These two cartridges must be replaced every year, regardless of the amount of water you have filtered.

To find out if the cartridges are correctly put, a colored dot indicates where they should be inserted.

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