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Semi-automatic self-cleaning filter Easyauto - Entrance 1 inch

Reference - EASY-AUTO1P

Prefilter cartridge with stainless steel self-cleaning

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Self-cleaning filter with input/output 1 inch to filter well water, rain or recovery with domestic or industrial network.

This filter model is designed to hold the silt, sand, mud in water to at least 89 microns.
We offer larger micronage cartridges up to 500 microns.
The cartridge is in stainless steel and can be cleaned with the against-washing.
Impurities are recovered by the drain valve at the base of the filter.

All the joining parts are made of brass (ring fitting).
It fits on the pipe by cutting a piece of copper or PVC pipe, or by creating a parallel network.
The filter is very convenient for water drilling and irrigation. It is also a solution for filtering rainwater stored in the underground tank.
The filter cartridge is 89 microns to retain solids present in the water, such as algae, sludge, dust.
It is an ecological filtration system with low pressure drop.
It is possible to fix it to the horizontal or vertical.
We advise against doing a regular-washing of the cartridge, to remove all impurities, every month to avoid being forced to do when it is completely saturated.
The cartridge change is done every 12 to 18 months.
You can make a connection to the drain filter bottom so as to discharge water against-washing.


Filter characteristics 1 inch :
- Filtration : 89 microns (possibility to put a carton of 500 microns with supplement)

- Pressure drop clean cartridge : 0.2 bar


Applications :

Home softener pre-filtration, Motorhome water pre-filtration, Mobile-home water pre-filtration, Tiny-house water pre-filtration, WC pre-filtration.


Precautions :
- The water produced by each appliance must only be used for the purpose specifically intended. Diproclean declines all responsibility for the consequences of improper use of the water produced by its equipment.
- Any malfunction of the systems must be promptly reported to the service center. Diproclean declines all responsibility for the consequences of prolonged use of a faulty system.
- Inappropriate operating ambient temperature.

Installation must be carried out by a qualified person, in accordance with Min. Decree 37/08, following the instructions given in the technical manual.


Dimensiones H X L X Depth (mm)300 X 183 X 122    
In / Out1 Pouce - 26/34                 
Filtration Level89 micron
Flow100 L/mn
Pression de service1.5 - 6 Bar
Pression maxi16 Bar
Temperature max40 °C
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