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OPaque filter housing 7 Inches - Entry 3/4 inch

Reference - PM-2065-7P

Filter housing 7 inches with opaque jar

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Filter housing with opaque jar for all types of 7-inch cartridges to treat drinking water.

It consists of 2 pieces, the opaque white jar to accommodate the cartridge and the blue head with a 3/4 inch input/output.
It is suitable for many installations to filter drinking water from the house or a technical room that does not have much space.
Sometimes, the height of the jar is important when you can not put a 9-3/4 inch classic filter holder.
You can use all spun cartridges from 1 to 25 micron 7 inches or charcoal cartridges if you want to treat chlorine.

This model of filter is also suitable before a softener, an industrial washing machine or a water dispenser.
The filter holder must filter only cold water up to a maximum temperature of 45° C.
It has been tested up to 7 bar pressure. The decompression screw allows air to enter the filter body, when replacing the cartridge, in order to use the disassembly key supplied without problem.

By taking this transparent filter holder, you can change, as soon as you wish, the tank to pass on a 9 inches 3/4 or even 20 inches depending on the volume of water to be filtered at a time. The flow will be the same since you will stay on an entry in 20/27.


Areas of use :
- Mechanical industry
- Food industry
- Water production
- Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
- Filtration of drinks: beer, fruit juice
- Filtration of rainwater
- Treatment of drinking


Material provided :
- 2 pieces filter with 7 inch opaque tank
- Plastic support
- Clamping wrench
- 4 screws to fix the filter head to the support


Certified ACS.

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