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Standard filter housing 20 inchs 3/4 Inch plastic
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Standard filter housing 20 inchs 3/4 Inch plastic

Reference - MN-PF2300

Filter holder filter cartridge 20 inches for all types of filters

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OPAQUE FILTER HOUSING 20 INCHES : With Input/Output 3/4" without insert


Filter housing 20 inches Opaque ACS for the filtration of all fluids.

It filters sand, mud, clay, algae in drinking water with a wound or spun filter cartridge 20-inch standard.

It filters out large volumes of water to power devices with an individual or a professional.
This opaque filter holder allows to be instaled for many applications : industrial reverse osmosis, water softener, water fountains ...

This filter housing is certified to French standards and ACS.
Beware, if you do not have a mounting key to open or close the Antifriction of the filter head, it is necessary to order it on our website.
The plastic support is also available on our website.


Types of cartridges installed in the filter housing :

It is used most often with activated carbon filters, as it is not necessary to see through to change the cartouche.Sa height of 20 inches can be adapted to many types of cartridges: 1 to sediment 25 microns smooth or pleated lavables.Il is designed to ensure maximum safety of drinking water filtration and also for the development of other liquides.Un attachment support (bracket) will help you easily install your port- filtre.La head and the threaded ring are opaque plastic with internal fittings femelles.Une special wrench is provided to ease the screwing and unscrewing of the main part of the room, in order to replace the cartridge and cleaning filter.The holder O-ring is in FTEs.
It is very useful for reverse osmosis, Ventilation systems, the rain water treatment equipment, water softening as well as cooling machines and fountains eau.Selon expected filtration type, simply select an appropriate cartridge model.
We recommend a fine sediment cartridge 1 micron to treat water from the municipal network for reverse osmosis or purifier, and a cartridge 20 micron sediment to treat well water, rain or well before the softener.


Height compatible cartridges : 508 mm

Width : 133 mm

Pression : 5 bars at a temperature of 20°C (tested at a pressure of 21 bar)

Maximum operating temperature : + 5° to + 45°C at a pressure of 3 Bar rates rate will depend on the type of air utilisée.

Vanne cartridge.

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