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Filter housing 20 inch In/Out 3/4 Inch

Reference - PM-FILT27-20T

Filter holder cartridge 20 inch clear bowl

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FILTER 20 INCHES TRANSPARENT TANK : Inlet / outlet 3/4 Inch - 20/27


20 inch filter with drinking water inlet insert for anti-impurity cartridges.

The filter bowl is transparent for use with conventional 20 inch cartridges.

It is used in many domestic or industrial fields to filter the impurities in suspension in the water sand, silt, clay, mud ...
It can be installed for many applications: water softener, barge filtration station, etc.
The 3 piece filter holder is designed and made in France with premium materials to increase its durability.
It is used for the filtration of suspended solids in drinking water or well water.

It is compatible with many types of sediment cartridges from 1 to 25 microns smooth or pleated washable or with activated carbon for the treatment of city water, spring or rain.

The head and the threaded ring are in polypropylene with 20/27 fittings with brass insert.
A special adjustable wrench is provided to facilitate screwing and unscrewing of the main part of the part, in order to replace the cartridge and to clean the filter housing.
It has a replaceable ETP O-ring.


It is very useful for reverse osmosis systems, irrigation equipment, water softener as well as cooling machines and water fountains.
Depending on the type of filtration planned, it will suffice to choose an appropriate cartridge model.
If you want to use 2 different filtration fineness, you have the option of having a 25 micron washable cartridge first, and a 5 micron wound cartridge for the second.


Materials provided :
- 3-piece filter with 20-inch transparent bowl with 3/4 In/Out
- Tightening key


Application areas :
domestic filtration, mechanical industry, semi-industrial reverse osmosis, spring water impurity pre-filtration, rainwater filtration, rinsing water filtration.


Filter width 126 MM                      
Filter height20 Inch - 605 MM
Filter depth 140 MM
Max flow5000 L/H
Pressure max8 Bar
Temperature max50° C
Diameter In/Out3/4 Inch - 20/27
Cartridges model H/D20 P - Diameter 2.5 P


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