» » » Anti-Slugs and Snails 1% Formula for gardener - Box 1 Kg
Anti-Slugs and Snails 1% Formula for gardener - Box 1 Kg
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Anti-Slugs and Snails 1% Formula for gardener - Box 1 Kg

Reference - MO-FER-01011

Ready-to-use Ferric Phosphate to kill slugs

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Biocontrol mulluscicide to protect plants and crops against gray slugs and snails.

This preventive and curative treatment against slugs should be spread regularly around plants, such as wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, barley and corn. It is of course effective in pleasure gardens for individuals. Its 1% ferric phosphate formula is dosed for the general public.
Its principle is to reduce the colony of slugs by ensuring that they no longer feed. They will go and take refuge in their hiding place to die.

It is an effective solution within 3 to 4 days, but the dead slugs will not be visible.

It is a non-toxic method for other species present.
Thanks to its high concentration, ferric phosphate covers 4 times the surface area than the conventional formulation.

This product is rain resistant for up to 14 days.
This formula is suitable for vegetable and ornamental crops.


Method of application:

Period of application: As soon as the first slugs appear between spring and autumn.
Apply the product preferably at the end of the evening or early in the morning, in slightly humid conditions, when the slugs are most active.

Maximum dose: 3.8 g / m2


The application can be repeated at least 1 week later if no granules from the previous application remain on the soil surface.
Repeat the operation at most 4 times a year if necessary.
Spread regularly and evenly around the plants and not on the leaves, fruits or vegetables to be treated.
Wait at least 1 day before harvesting the treated fruits or vegetables.

Product usable in organic farming in accordance with current European regulations.


Ferric phosphate dihydrate: 1% (CAS 14567-75-O)
Marketing Authorization: N ° 2200068

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