» » » » » Polyphosphates Crystals limescale - Special Dose 9-3/4 inch
Polyphosphates Crystals limescale - Special Dose 9-3/4 inch
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Polyphosphates Crystals limescale - Special Dose 9-3/4 inch

Reference - AM-DOS680

Charging polyphosphate dispenser for hot water circuit

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Box of 6 polyphosphate powder cartridges to treat corrosion and deposition of scale in the individual boiler and hot water tank.

The dose should only proportional distributor DP200 available in our shop.
Food powder compact to protect the pipes, the water heater, the heat exchangers. Each dose is disposable, so can not be reused.
It provides the perfect balance for your device, even if the water hardness is high. Regular use of this cartridge prevents lime scale, to keep in perfect condition piping, serpentines, heat exchangers and equipment connected by 1/2 inch.

This reduces maintenance costs and energy costs, since the boiler will always work at full throttle.

Each serving has a lifetime between 1 and 2 months depending on the water hardness. This amounts to less than € 2 per month.
The cartridges are filled with polyphosphate manufactured in Italy under the rules for the use of water for human consumption.


Manual :
- Remove the cap of the dose.
- Insert the dose in the feeder bowl and screw.
- Open the valve and restore water flow.
- Wait until the air is output before opening the pressure valve.


Dose of 80 grams each.



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