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Automatic Mini-Basic diffuser 150 ml

Reference - MINBAS-150

Perfume diffuser with colorful facades

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Fragrance diffuser and mini insecticides Basic design with colorful case for your interior.

It allows to distribute natural scents from essential oils in a home or the workplace.

This device comes with a white hull, but you can add hull color of your choice according to your interior or to recognize the type of fragrance used.
You can carry it anywhere to breathe the fragrant smell of his choice, thanks to its compact form.
It is reliable with a long life. Automatic diffuser is programmable, so choose the spray intensity adapted to where they live.
The new technology provides energy savings for batteries less often.
Moreover, its double horizontal or vertical distribution method gives the advantage to decide the spray type.
This is an original and very versatile.


Setting up the mini-basic diffuser :
You can mount it on the wall or place it directly on furniture or office.
The nozzle for horizontal distribution and nozzle for vertical diffusion are included.


Dimensions :
Height : 150 mm
Width : 65 mm
Depth : 80 mm

3 batteries supply 1.5 V LR6
Scattering volume 80 to 180 m2
Refill type 150ml aerosol mini basic Prodifa offered on our website.

3 types of sprays with interval 7.5 min, 15 min or 30 min.
Choice of 3 broadcast powers MAX, MED and MIN.
Life recharging depending on the setting (MAX and 7.5 mn) 8 days (MIN 30 min) 125 days.


150 ml aerosols compatible :
- Perfume Davania
- Perfume Fruido
- Fragrance Menthol
- Temptation Perfume
- Natural insecticide pyrethrum

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