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Cartridges Pack purifier AP3 Aquapro

Reference - KC-AP680-PPS

Original kit purifier Aquapro AP3-680

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Set of 3 cartridges to filter water purifier with classic AP3 to your home.

These filters are replaced in your home filtration system AQUAPRO with anti-sediment to 5 microns and two activated carbon.
Such models are compatible exclusively in your Aquapro osmosis device, because they have O-rings at one end.
Although they are smaller than traditional cartridges, they are changed every year only.


The first is a smooth cartridge 5 microns (SPF) designed to retain suspended solids in the water that makes disorder, such as mud, sand, algae and other impurities.
The cartridge was heat sealed polypropylene for maximum efficiency.
The two activated carbon cartridges used to filter chlorine, bad taste and odor.
In a reverse osmosis 4 levels, carbon block cartridge (CPF) protect the membrane of harmful chlorine action to ensure the most life possible.

The carbon granules (PCF) is finishing to improve drinking water taste to tap osmosis 1/4 inch of your kitchen.

For osomoseurs, the membrane 50 GPD 680 is replaced every 2 to 3 years.

If you want to order the filter kit with 50 GPD membrane, it is available in our shop.


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