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Cartridge Pack Reverse osmosis system 680 75 GPD

Reference - AQRO-680-75

Cartridge Kit for your reverse osmosis unit 680 with 75 GPD membrane

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Pre-filtration cartridge kit with 75 GPD membrane for your drinking water reverse osmosis system.

These cartridges are of specific size to fit your AP680 reverse osmosis unit. Each of them will reduce impurities and harmful chemicals in your drinking water.
This set of cartridges can replace every 2 to 3 years, the totality of the filtration of the osmosis 75 GPD.
You have the pre-filter kit when you do not need to change the Aquapro 75 GPD membrane.


1st level: SPF
Spun cartridge 680 of sediment pre-filtration in the water entering the osmosis unit.
This filtration is necessary in order to retain suspended materials before passing through the carbon cartridge.
The filter retains dust, dirt, sand, algae, rust.

2nd level: CPF
Cartridge charcoal block 10 inches against chlorine, taste and bad smells.
It makes it possible to filter all the chlorine derivatives well so as not to alter the membrane of the osmosis unit.
Coal has the advantage of retaining insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.

3rd level: TFC
75 GPD membrane retains all dissolved solids, mineral salts as well as chemicals up to 99.99%.
The treated water no longer contains sodium, magnesium and calcium.
It can supply 280 liters per day.

4th level: PCF
10 micron granulated charcoal cartridge for filtering water before it is consumed.
The natural activated carbon it contains eliminates the residues of odors and bad taste.
It is necessary to bring clear water and excellent taste quality.
This membrane is not suitable for conventional reverse osmosis.


These cartridges fit only in Aquapro reverse osmosis units.

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