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Carbon + sediment cartridge online 10 X 2

Reference - PR-AICS-2

Sediment cartridge + charcoal for fountains

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Filter cartridge for reverse osmosis fountains and streamlined to retain both particulate matter and chlorine, bad taste and odor.

It can be used in a reverse osmosis unit where space is very reduced as prefiltration before a membrane.

The first part of this cartridge retains all sediment in the water, such as mud, dust, rust, algae.
Passage is important is that the second part of the active carbon filter can properly absorb the chlorine, bad taste, pesticides and some other substances.
Its length is 10 inches at each end with a screw diameter of 1/4 inch. The fitting can be straight or curved to connect your tubing.


Cartridge lenght10 inches - 254 mm                     
Cartridge diameter2 inches - 508 mm                     
Filtration level5 micron
Service life5700 Liters - 1500 Gal
Flow max1.3 L/mn - 0.5 GPM
Temperature max100 °F
Pressure max125 psi
CertificationsNSF - FDA - EEC


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