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Cartridge Spun Sediment 20 inches 1 micron
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Cartridge Spun Sediment 20 inches 1 micron

Reference - PR-PPS-2001

Special fine filter cartridge holder 20 inches

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Cartridge filton to ratiemove all fine particles in suspension in water, sediment, sand, mud, rust, pollen, to make water.
This cartridge is made of polypropylene microfibers bonded by thermal action without any additives. It does not release any substance in water. Its density graduated from the outside inwards improves the efficiency of filtration or prefiltration before the activated carbon or membrane cartridges.
It supports a lot of fluids.
It is advisable to change the cartridge every 6 months to ensure excellent water quality, especially for drinking.
Cartridge with a good quality/price : Special discount when you buy 4 cartridges
It is suitable for all water: rainwater, of well, home networking.
Used in a filter holder 20 ", ie between 50.68 and 50.9 cm.
It can make the water clearer.
It is suitable for different types of filtration or prefiltration, purification, reverse osmosis for drinking water and the food élaroration.
Dimensions :
Inner diameter : 26 mm
Length : 20 "= 508 mm
Outer diameter : 64 mm
The cartridge is NSF certified.
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