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Activated carbon + KDF cartridge 20 inchs
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Activated carbon + KDF cartridge 20 inchs

Reference - CARK-6413-20

Activated carbon cartridge filter container is 20 inches

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Transparent cartridge container compatible with the filter housing 20 inches standard for complete filtration system and drilling water.

It is placed just after the dirt-filtration on a filter station more filter media.
He is an advisor to complete the filtration cartridge carbon block, in order to slightly reduce the rate to allow time for the water to eliminate 85 to 90% of chlorine and pesticides.
Its capacity is double that of a conventional cartridge 9 3/4 inches. In holding the large amount of water running through the filter housing, it will replace the cartridge every year.
Activated carbon with KDF treats chlorine, pesticides, bad taste, odor, lead, mercury, aluminum and other harmful substances in the poorly treated drinking water.
The amount of KDF is 160 g is allowed to suit all types of water quality. It is possible to provide a greater amount of KDF estimate.
French-made, it is exclusive to our online store.

cartridge replacement frequency: maximum 18000 liters or 1 year in office.


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length : 508 mm = 20 inches
Diameter b: 67 mm
Width of the inner hole : 27 mm



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