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Activated carbon cartridge online 10 X 2 - Fittings 1/4

Reference - PR-AIC-2Q

Cartridge 10" 1/4 inch carbon with integrated fittings

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Line cartridge 10 inch with integrated filtered water on a reverse osmosis fittings.

This cartridge is placed in some reverse osmosis keeled or last on all domestic reverse osmosis units.

The cartridge clips on the supports provided just after the membrane 50 GPD classic.
It filters all contaminants in drinking water to remove chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, and especially bad taste.
The 1/4 inch food fittings are integrated at both ends of the cartridge. To connect the flexible tube 1/4 inch, just push it straight into the hole.


RO cartridge of Aquapro Aquariopure or brand.
It is essential to have clear water and good quality.
In some cases simple filtration, it is possible to add a second cartridge line filter for anti-nitrates regions Britain, or a cartridge for retaining the sediment suspended solids in the event that this is the well water or drilling.
The fact that the activated carbon removes contaminants from water by adsorption, and catalytic reduction, is due to a process involving the attraction of the negative ions of contaminants by positively charged ions of carbon. Organic compounds are removed by adsorption and the residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction.


Cartridge lenght10 pouces - 254 mm                     
Cartridge diameter2 pouces - 508 mm                     
Filtration level10 micron
Service life3875 Litres
Flow max2.8 L/mn
Temperature max100 °F
Pressure max125 psi
CertificationsNSF - FDA - EEC


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