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Granulated carbon cartridge NLF Twist

Reference - PR-NLF05-AC

Cartridge carbon screw on head safety

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Special cartridge Aquapro head to filter the water of Fridge or domestic osmosis.

Its small size gives it the advantage of being installed in any corner of the kitchen to treat potable water for drinking. It can only be adapted to an Aquapro filtration head, allowing it to be screwed on directly. It contains granulated coconut activated carbon which retains odors, chlorine, color and pesticides.
The NLF cartridge has several applications to treat drinking water, either before a refrigerator that provides fresh water and ice cubes, or before an osmosis membrane or to purify water in a motorhome. If you do not have an NLF filter head, we offer one on our site. It will be necessary to match the fittings with the food tube.


The different applications of the carbon cartridge are:
Domestic drinking water filtration.
Post or pre-filtration on a compact reverse osmosis unit.
Filtration for an American fridge.


Characteristics :
Filtration threshold: 10 µ


Length: 152 mm
Width: 70 mm
Lifespan: 2500 Liters
Max flow: 5.6 L /mn
Connection: "Twist" on special head with safety
Weight: 325 grams
Maximum operating pressure: 7 bars
Maximum water temperature: 38° C


It is essential to rinse the cartridge (1 minute) before first use, in order to let the fine particles escape.
After an extended period of non-use, it is recommended to rinse the cartridge for at least 10 seconds.

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