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Activated carbon cartridge 9-3/4" - Box of 20

Reference - PR-APC10C20

Activated carbon cartridge 9.3/4 inches anti bad taste

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20 CARTRIDGES CARBON BLOCK 9 INCH 3/4 : 10 microns


Box of 20 cartridges of activated carbon to treat chlorine, bad taste and odor in water.

The amount of cartridges enables professionals to enjoy a low price throughout the year.

They are essential for the treatment of drinking water, in order to obtain the highest quality.

They also retain pesticides and chlorine derivatives.
Each cartridge has a longer or shorter depending on the water quality , but it is best to replace all 9000 liters.

The filter of 10 microns retains the suspended solids , but it is preferable to install an anti sediment prefilter 5 micron filter.


Properties of the carbonl cartridge :

The cartridge holds the contaminants from water by adsorption , and catalytic reduction is due to a process involving the attraction of the negative ions of the contaminants by the positively charged ions of carbon. The organic compounds are removed by adsorption and the residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction .
In addition, activated carbon block filters remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium , turbidity .

Frequency of cartridge replacement : maximum 9000 liters or one year in office.


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length : between 248 mm and 252 mm
Diameter : 66 mm
Width of the inner hole : 27 mm

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