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Cartridge Spun Sediment 10 Inches 25 microns

Reference - PM-ASPP-1025

Puromelt cartridge 25 micron 254 mm

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SPUN SEDIMENT CARTRIDGE 10 INCHES - 254 mm : 25 microns


Special smooth polypropylene filter cartridge 254 mm for the filtration of suspended solids.

Its filtration threshold is 25 microns.
It filters impurities from drilling water or reclaimed water. It should only be used in the filter to receive 254 mm cartridges, as you may crack the transparent tank if you force it during tightening.
The anti-sediment cartridge does not reject any fiber in the filtered water. It can equip industrial filtration systems.
It is designed to filter water between 4 °C and 45 °C.
It holds sand, mud, rust, dust.


Cartridge with good quality / Price : Special discount when you buy 4 cartridges

It is suitable for all waters: city water, rainwater, drilling water.


Dimensions of Puromelt cartridge:
Inside diameter (D): 27 mm
Length (B): 10 inches = 254 mm
Outer diameter (A): 63 mm


Made in France - Food compliance ACS (document available on request by professionals).

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