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Stainless steel cartridge 60 microns 20 inch - AISI 316

Reference - OCLX-06020

Stainless steel cartridge special mechanical and food industry

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Food cartridge 60 micron 508 mm long to install in a 20-inch stainless steel or plastic filter.

It is used in pre-filtration during a barge filter station or on a production line of machine tools.
The stainless steel cartridge is designed for cold water and hot water up to a temperature of 90°C.
It can be cleaned and brushed as often as possible to avoid excessive pressure drop due to saturation.
Its 27 mm central hole is intended to receive a flow not exceeding 4.2 M3/H. If you want to handle a higher rate, you will need to install a special high speed cartridge.

It retains all materials, mud, particles, sand, algae, dust greater than 60 microns.


Application areas :
Water treatment, pure water pre-filter, food oil, desalination, fixatives, solvents, galvanic baths.


This cartridge can be used by the individual and the professionals of the treatment of drinking water and used.


Dimensions of the stainless steel cartridge :
Length: 508 mm
Diameter of the tips: 70-71 mm
Hole diameter: 27 mm
Maximum temperature: + 90°C


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