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Wound sediment cartridge 20 inches 5 microns
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Wound sediment cartridge 20 inches 5 microns

Reference - PR-SWS-2005

Special cotton sediment cartridge 5 micron

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Filter cartridge of 5 microns polypropylene, to be used to filter the suspended solids for a filter housing 20 inches.

She made of natural cotton compatible with all types of door 20 inch standard filters.

The 5-micron filtration is sufficient to hold back the large sediment before reaching a 20-inch cartridge coal.

Fine filtration to 5 microns, is designed to withstand the various pollutants.

It provides depth filtration by reducing the pressure loss.


It is advisable to change the cartridge every 6 months, depending on the turbidity of the water in order to ensure the best quality of water and increase the life of the next cartridge.

Cartridge with a good quality/price : Special discount when you buy 4 cartridges.

It is suitable for all water : rainwater, of well, home networking.

Used in a filter housing 20 inch, ie between 508 and 520 mm.

It is suitable for different types of pre-filtration or filtration-inch standard.


Dimensions :

Inner diameter : 26 mm

Outer diameter : 68 mm Maximum


Lenght cartouche20 pouces - 508 mm                     
Filtration level1 micron
Flow max2500 L/H
Efficacity60 %


Other technical characteristics : voir onglet


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