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Filter water pitcher Luna 3,5 L + 1 Cartridge
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Filter water pitcher Luna 3,5 L + 1 Cartridge

Reference - CF-LUNA-BL

Pitcher of purified water without bad taste, lead and other harmful substances

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Pitcher with Ecomix filter to drink water without iron, lead and reduced hardness.

It is intended to avoid using a sink water purifier if you are a tenant of your apartment, or to take it away on business or vacation to be sure to drink more pure tap water .
The filter jug ​​is designed without BPA in food grade plastic. Its shape is hergonomic with a no-slip bottom.
It can receive 3.5 liters of water to consume filtered water of 2 liters during your family meals. It can be stored in your refrigerator.

The decanter is mainly used to make these drinks with cold or hot water, such as iced tea, coffee and, of course, herbal teas during the winter.
Filtered water restores the taste of infused plants.

The pitcher cartridge contains a mixture of media named ECOMIX D531 patented by the German company ECOSOFT to eliminate many chemical elements including lead, iron and manganese, but also it reduces the hardness and salinity of the water.


Fields of application:
Development of cold drinks, herbal infusions, iron water, coffee machine water, electric kettle.


Advantages of the cartridge carafe:
- Reduces the bad taste
- Reduces the presence of chlorine and chloramine
- Reduction of iron (if less than 15 ppm)
- Reduction of manganese 'if less than 3 ppm)
- Ammonium reduction (if less than 4 ppm)
- Reduction of manganese (if less than 4 ppm)
- Hardness reduction (if lower than 45° TH)


Each cartridge must be replaced every month for a couple and every 2 weeks for a family of 4.


Precaution of use:
- Regularly replace the cartridge of your carafe to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.
- Place the carafe most often in the refrigerator to maintain a healthy water.
- Use purified water quickly under 24H to 36H maximum.

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