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Insecticidal spray can pyrethrum 400 ml

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Cleaner Carbon granulated NLF + Head on sink

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Transformer 220-24V 150W 6.3A

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Anti-Calc system shower

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anti limestone PROKALK

anti limestone PROKALK

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High power magnet system


Effective treatment for the limestone of the house, install directly after the water meter large.

Helps prevent lime deposits while eliminating the existing scale in all piping systems.

The anti-calculus extends the life of central heating boilers, reverse osmosis units, ice makers, washing machines, shower heads and other devices of water.

As a result of passage of water inside the neck of Ventury, the limestone structure is changed, which prevents it from settling.

Its composition of 13 different materials, making it an exclusive product.

Unlike magnetic bars, no parcel of PROKALK coming off and contaminate the water.

Lime deposits in all existing piping systems for heating, where the scale current is fixed, will be completely removed over time, giving greater efficiency when passage of water and substantial savings that will give you a significant reduction in cost of gas,electricity or fuel.


It is designed to :

- Inhibition of lime, scale and rust

- Inhibition of algae and fungi

- The dissolution of the existing rust and limestone

- The decrease in gas content in water


Specifications :

- Length: 231 mm

- Body Diameter: 33 mm

- Diameter / out: 20/27

- Output load: 30 liters / minute maximum

- Weight: 1.05 kg


Advantages of PROKALK :

- No electricity

- No spare part

- No chemicals

- Effective with cold water and hot water

- No regenerating

- No maintenance

- No cartridges to change

- Conservation of mineral water

- Extending the life of plumbing fixtures (water heaters, washing machine)

- Less energy used

- A water pressure and water level higher

- More hot water

- No maintenance


Installation of the system :

It plugs directly into the pipe after the water meter generally in the house.

NSF International Certified.

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