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Gel Syringe Ultra Professional cockroaches 30 g

Gel Syringe Ultra Professional cockroaches 30 g

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Reference : GPULT-G30
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Gel syringe dosed at 1% of natural origin to eliminate cockroaches and cockroaches quickly.

It totally destroyed the nymphs and adults of cockroaches contaminant nests, by contact and ingestion.

The gel GreenPower Ultra is designed for professional use for bakeries, kitchens, delicatessens.

It is easy to use and not classified as hazardous due to its formulation.


Advantages of gel insecticide :

- Cockroaches, cockroaches and cockroaches are attracted by the bait gel.
- Approved for food places - classified Ecocert.
- Can be used in organic farming under NCE No. 834/2007.
- Apply in small doses because of 0.15 gr / m².
- 100% efficiency to 8 days due to contamination nests of cockroaches.
- Persistence 2-3 months.
- The gel does not stain, does not drip, does not dry.


Applications :
Food shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, canteens, kitchens, schools.

- Can be used by individuals and professionals.


Shares of the active material :
1 - After ingestion, the insect reaches its cellular respiratory functions.
2 - Back in the colony, it contaminates other issues in turn.
3 - Effective even in the presence of other food sources usual cockroaches.
4 - Preventive and curative action in a week on the hill or in the places of life.
5 - Stable at temperatures from -5° to 50°C.


Instructions :

Apply a few drops of the product using the syringe (size of a grain of rice) in the treatment area (hot, humid, dark) where cockroaches are attracted.
In case of heavy infestation, double the points of application and treat all surfaces not same priority as the pest will be faster. Do not forget to regularly repeat the operation for all insects are contaminated.
Avoid placing the gel in areas of insecticide repellent.
Repeat the operation regularly, once or twice per week.
Do not stop treatment before complete eradication of cockroaches.


Precautions :

- It is recommended to apply the gel on GrennPower fragile coatings, such as carpet, upholstery, marble.
- After treatment, wash your hands carefully.
- Do not place the gel on surfaces where food is prepared or eaten.


Active Ingredient : Spinosad 1%
Spinosad is obtained from the fermentation of the bacterium Saccharopolyspora spinosa.

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