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ABC Diffusion modernizer wood by 2

ABC Diffusion modernizer wood by 2

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It makes relive the wood !

Thanks to the Special Modernizer, your pieces of furniture and Offices of Public Prosecutor are finally going to find their brightness of origin.

For all modern and ancient pieces of furniture.

- Efficient on all varnished and oilskin, ancient or modern pieces of furniture.- Ideal for the ancient and oilskin pieces of furniture.
- Removed grease stains, traces of fingers and of nicotine.
- Removed glory, and of water marks.
- Streamline kitchen furniture perfectly without leaving trace.
- Feeds and protects against the ageing of the wood.
- Do not leave trace on the support.
- Not fatty product.
- Allows to detach dining tables: refined zone, or to be harsh by heat.
- Eliminate the ancient waxes of the ancient pieces of furniture.

Is applied on all following wooden petrol: oak, walnut, mahogany tree, beech, rosewood, teak, cérusés, stratified, that they are raw, varnished, varnished, patinated or shone.
Streamline and reanimate your fully fitted kitchen.
Reanimate your Offices of Public Prosecutor and the refined feet of chair.
Renovate and protect your ancient pieces of furniture.


Examples of application

Kitchen: varnished pieces of furniture of kitchens, tables and chairs, table-legs,the stratified panels...
Living room and room has eat : sideboard, dresser, table, chairs, pedestal table, bar,
Office of Public Prosecutor, knick-knacks...
Chamber : cupboard, chest of drawers, night table, woodworks of the bed, Office of Public Prosecutor...



To apply ABC Broadcasting with the aid of a rag or of a spray to the surface has deal. For corners and mouldings, use a toothbrush. Pass on the surface to be cleaned.
Let act some seconds or some minutes according to clogging.
Polish up with a soft and dry rag. If the piece of furniture is still fatty or lifeless, to start again operation until the piece of furniture is smooth and clean.
For the small surfaces impregnate the rag directly.
To hesitate not has renew operation 2 or 3 times in succession, if the stain is ancient or on glass circles.

On plastics make a prior trial.

For the stains of water, the white glory, pieces of furniture crossed by the sun, to impregnate the surface with the aid of a cotton. Let act during 3 hours (without leaving the cotton). Wipe with a soft rag. If colour is not entirely reanimated, to renew application.

On the oilskin pieces of furniture, the modernizer is going to use as decir to take away all stains of old waxes. Having use the modernizer, the piece of furniture finds its origin colour. If the piece of furniture is lifeless, to use some liquid wax.


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HGP Maintenance based on orange 500 ml by 2
25.00 €
ABC Diffusion modernizer wood by 2
25.00 €
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